Chip (also known as The emissary of light) is mobian light gaia

Biography Edit

Born as Dark Gaia's opposite, Chip originates from the beginning of time and has lived on the earth since when the planet first began. Prof. Pickle has speculated that both Chip and Dark Gaia are manifestations of the planet's desire for balance between light and darkness. It was back then that Chip began his job of protecting the earth from Dark Gaia who sought its destruction, starting an endless cycle of destruction and rebirth of the planet. In this cycle, Chip would awaken from the planet's core after Dark Gaia had incubated in it for millions of years and broken the planet apart during the time of awakening. Chip would then return Dark Gaia to dormancy in the planet's core, rebuild the planet, and go back to sleep in the core again, thus restarting the cycle. Despite his many years of duty, Chip never came to learn about the earth itself.

History Edit

  • Sonic Unleashed